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Years of Experience Meets Professional Training

I can deliver outstanding results across 3 areas of expertise: voice acting, writing, and criticism.

Voice Acting

In the recording booth

I can help companies reach their marketing or narrative goals as a professionally trained voice actor.


Reading something nerdy with my cat

An expert in word-crafting and world-weaving, I have stories to tell with a strong writing style.


With Roger Ebert

From films to music, check out my large collection of reviews.


I’m a voice actor and writer based in Seattle, WA. Currently on furlough due to COVID-19, I spend my free time playing retro video games, watching Netflix shows that leave me emotionally devastated, and occasionally remembering to read books. I live with my partner, Natalia, and our calico cat, Dilly Dally. You can find links to all my blogs and social media channels below.


Get in Touch

Need a voice? I currently offer commercial and narration voice-overs. Contact me below for details.

art by sakibatch

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