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Years of Experience Meets Professional Training

I can deliver outstanding results across 3 areas of expertise: voice acting, writing, and criticism.

Voice Acting

Recording my demos at Mirror Studios

Let me use my confident, youthful, lively, articulate, and resourceful voice to help fulfill your commercial or narrative needs as a professionally trained voice actor, recorded at home with my Focusrite Scarlett Studio equipment.


Reading something nerdy with my cat

An expert in word-crafting and world-building, I can write anything from personal essays to epic fantasy.


With Roger Ebert at the Ebert Club meet-and-greet

From music to films, check out my large collection of reviews.


I’m a voice actor and writer based in Seattle, WA. Currently on furlough due to COVID-19, I spend my free time playing retro video games, watching Netflix shows that leave me emotionally devastated, and occasionally remembering to read books. I live with my partner, Natalia, and our calico cat, Dilly Dally. You can find links to all my blogs and social media channels below.


Get in Touch

Need a voice? I currently offer commercial and narration voice-overs. Contact me below for details.

art by sakibatch

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